Leak Detection Training

leak detection training

Private leak detection companies are rare but the pay scale can run from $120 to $200 per hour.* This business combined with any other trade such as underground utility locating can provide a substantial income.

Plumbers often advertise leak detection services but, in reality, they usually have low quality equipment and limited skills. Sometimes they find the leak and sometimes they don't. Many plumbing companies actually hire a private leak detection locator to find the leak for them. This guarantees the plumber an accurate leak detection so they can then excavate and make repairs. (Tip: As a leak detector, developing contacts with your local plumbers and pool contractors will be a plus for growing your business.)

underground utility locating student

To be successful in leak detection, you must acquire essential knowledge in how buildings and properties are piped along with an understanding of what equipment you need and how to use it. This is why training with an experienced and reputable leak detection locator, such as Precision Utility Locating, is important.

We offer training to locate leaks in residential and commercial buildings and properties as well as swimming pools. Please contact us for information on our leak detection training program.

*Check leak detector rates for your local area.

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