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At Precision Utility Locating, integrity and accuracy are not simply promises; they are as fundamental as the work we perform. A significant amount of our work every year comes from repeat clients. It's the highest praise they can give us and one that we particularly treasure. Rather than talk about ourselves in glowing terms, we'd like to let our clients do the talking. Here's what they say:

I really learned a lot this week in locating training. When I got there I did not have a clue how to operate my equipment. Half way into training, I was comfortable and confident that I could go back to work and locate utilities. All my questions were answered by Craig with explanations in detail. He took lots of time to explain everything that could happen in a critical situation. I feel I am going to enjoy locating utilities and can help my co-workers with any problems they may have.
—Bernadette Otero, Pipefitter/Plumber/Utility Locator, Mechanical Division, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico

I really enjoyed the one-on-one training this week with Craig. He is very professional, patient and takes the time to explain and demonstrate all aspects of utility locating. The on-the-job, hands-on training approach makes this training very valuable. I would highly recommend this training for anyone that is seeking training in utility locating.
—Tim Baird, Utility Locator, Mechanical Division, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico

I have been in the construction industry for the past 23 years. Over that time I have seen a lot of experts in their various fields. Craig is the real deal that I wanted to learn from. I am walking away from a week of training feeling very confident that my services will be top notch. I look forward to starting up my business and providing accurate utility locating and leak detection to my customers.
—Brian Clark, Colorado Underground Detection

Thanks for the training. I learned new ideas and ways of doing leak detection. You're very knowedgeable on the matter. I will be taking this information with me to help our company in their lead detection efforts.
—Doug Dillon, Leak Detector, Thermo Scan Inspections

I like the one-on-one training. Craig gives you this information in a way that you can understand. He is patient and is willing to spend the time to make sure you understand operating procedurs. He is friendly and makes you feel at ease. Overall, this class has been the best training I have every taken.
—Mike Britton, Hydrogen Gas Plan Operator, Linde Gas North America

Global Inspection Solutions is the leading leak detection company in Panama. We came to the United States to train with Precision Utility Locating to update our technology in leak detection and pipe locating. The training was in the field, totally hands-on, practicing real-life problems and solutions. The training was great! The information was great! This training was money well spent and I would highly recommend training with Precision Utility Locating in Arizona, in the United States.
—Roni Litmanovic, Owner, Global Inspection Solutions, Panama City, Republic of Panama

La Clase para localization de Pipas O Lineas me ense no como usar el equipo para estas actividades de la manera mas correcta y tambien me enseno las differentes opciones que tienen estos equipos para toda clase el trabajo. Esta semana aprendi cosas que notienia idea de lo que eren aun cuando ya abia usado esta clase de equipo.
—Juan Navarro, Utility Locator, Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold, USA

I learned a lot this week. I was able to go over all of my questions, and Craig explained the locate process in a very simple manner that made understanding easy. I would recommend this course to others who do private locating—except my competition.
—John Read,Owner, Concrete Scanning Inspection Company, Toronto, Canada

Precision Utility Locating is a very thorough customer-oriented company. Quality precise locating at its best. Hard-working persistent work ethic and professional locating techniques make this company stand above the rest in the locating field. Investigative companies such as this are hard to find.
—Dan Daniel, Project Superintendent, Basalt Builders Group, Phoenix AZ

Course was informative. All the tips along the way should prove invaluable in locating various utilities. Particularly in congested areas. This information along with our use of Ground penetrating radar equipment should increase our utility locating program. Very valuable hands-on time with locating equipment.
—Stephen Wray, Supervisor, Investigation Group, PMP Construction Services, Fluor Government Group, Richland, Washington

So-Cal Plumbing is a family owned business. Jay Markoski, the company's owner has spent years developing an outstanding reputation as the plumbing company you can trust. With a strong understanding of the plumbing industry... A big issue for plumbing companies is sub-slab leak detection. Most plumbers have a very basic way of trying to find leaks or they hire a leak detection company. This way of doing business can lead to misdiagnosis and costly repair bills to find and repair the leak... Jay has brought his company into a new level of professionalism by adding sub-slab leak detection to the So-Cal Plumbing list of services. Precision Utility Locating in Arizona was the answer to Jay's quest to find a company with an outstanding reputation in the training field. Training with Precision Utility Locating is all one-on-one training in real life situations. This training is hands on with no sitting in a classroom all day listening to the theory of how things work. An introduction to specialized leak detection equipment will change the way you approach leak detection problems... Since Jay has introduced sub-slab leak detection into his services as a technically professional process, his profits have risen and he no longer sends his sub-slab leak detection to another company.
—Jason M. Markoski, Owner, So-Cal Plumbing & Water Heaters, Oceanside, CA

My utility locating class was very good. Craig Myers with Precision Utility Locating was very good to me and I thank him very much.
—Harold Najar, Public Works Department, Village of Los Lunas, NM

From the first day of class, it was obvious that there was a lot to learn. One-on-one training creates a focused approach to the class. I would like to thank Craig for everything.
—Johnny Perea, Public Works Department, Village of Los Lunas, NM

I enjoyed the one-on-one interaction with Craig and the time he had to answer the questions I specifically. I also enjoyed the on-the-job experience with real problem solving. Craig is easy to talk to and patient enough to help you all the way through the week. When the class came to its conclusion at the end of the week, I felt that Craig gave me the best change to finish the task completely and safely.
—Mike Perkins, Owner, Advanced Radar Technology, El Cajon, CA

We are as confident in our own abilities as locators as anyone could be who is starting a utility locating company.
—Clint Perkins, Owner, Advanced Radar Technology, El Cajon, CA

You will get out as much as you put into your week with Craig. He will take the time to answer any questions and is very knowledgeable. I would recommend the Precision Utility Locating Underground Utility Locating Training Course to anyone that wants to learn how to locate utilities the right way.
—Derek Alleman, Surveyor, Ambit Consulting, Chandler, AZ

Great week that will change your life. Craig took the time to tailor the training to my job focus and gave lots of real-life field time. The utility locating concept was clearly defined and there was lots of hands-on time in the field. Utility locating was a great second job coice for me after 20 years in corporate life. The utility locating business offers an unlimited income potential for women in the trades industry.
—Christiane Douglas, Portland, OR

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